See full review. It looks an awful lot like their Classic Trout rod – another wildly popular stick the company hasn’t messed with, and shouldn’t. The moderate action of the rod provides the delicacy needed for technical spring creeks, yet packs enough power for big river and boat fishing. Redington Classic Trout 4 Weight Review On a trip to Bennett Spring awhile back, I did something that I had never done before. Jul 29, 2014 #16 My CT 905-4 loves the 5 weight Wulff Triangle taper, I bet the 8'6" would as well. Redington Classic Trout: No big surprise here, the name pretty much gives it away. Gear Review: Redington Classic Trout 9056 Fly Fishing Rod. I am going to buy a Redington Classic Trout rod but I am really struggling between the 8' and the 8'6" 4wt. The range runs from a 7 1/2ft 3wt up to a 9ft 6wt and cost from £129 to £169. Trout anglers will appreciate the moderate action of these rods that provides a delicate presentation, yet packs on the power when needed. Jun 28, 2010 #1 This is a dedicated thread for discussing article: Review: Redington CT (Classic Trout) Rod Redington Classic Trout. Redington Classic Trout Fly Rods feature lightweight blanks with a forgiving action to reduce fatigue. Redington CLASSIC TROUT fly fishing rods are also available in 3wt and 5wt sizes with a 6 piece fly rod option for even more convenient transportation. The Redington Classic Trout(CT) is a medium action fly rod perfect for trout fishing at all ability levels. So in this article we’re going to be putting Cabela’s Prestige up against the Redington Crosswater Combo to compare which is better for beginners.. Really, both brands are phenomenal. dark clay brown blank with matching rosewood reel seat insert and custom machined components. The Redington Classic Trout also comes with stripping guides made of Titanium oxide and a dark brown blank that features a matching reel seat insert made of Rosewood. Redington Classic Trout Rod Product Review. BUT Redington offers two 6-piece versions of this rod — an 8′ 3w and a 9′ 5w. There's no better way to start off your day then heading to your favorite creek with the Redington Trout 4-Piece Fly Rod. Author: Dan A. Description Redington knows fly fishing in general, and specifically, they know TROUT: this Classic Trout fly rod series is a winner with nine different 4 pc and two 6 pc rods that fall well within the range of budget minded, performance oriented anglers worldwide. Read on to find out why. Review: Redington CT (Classic Trout) Rod. Add to wishlist. Gear Review- Redington ZERO Reel- 2/3 I have had this reel for a few months and I think I have used it enough to form an opinion. Best Travel Fly Rod: Redington Classic Trout. Right in the middle of that line up is their Classic Trout rod. We cast this rod at ICast and we’re pretty excited about it. The Redington TRACE is presently available in eight models ranging from a 7’6″ 2-weight to a 9′ 6-weight. Redington Classic Trout Reviews | 3wt, 5wt, 6 wt. The CT is perfect for spring creeks, small streams, and even some drift boat fishing on larger tailwater fisheries. Redington Classic Trout Rod Review By Matt K. • 9 years ago 14 Aug 2011 First Impressions. Customer Questions & Answers See questions and answers. The TRACE is finished in a matte mahogany that glints nicely in the sun. Tweet: Information; Talk to an Expert; Customer Reviews (0) Shipping; Designed specifically for the river trout … Earn 207 Loyalty Points - find out more. We listed it as our best beginner fly rod already on the list and while it’s available all the way up to 10-weight, the lower weights like the 3 and 4-weight rods are especially good for smaller trout. Redington CLASSIC TROUT rods are 4 piece fly rods that include a ballistic nylon tube with dividers for convenient storage and transportation protection. Quality continues to be of uttmost importance to the company. Plus, the alignment dots on the rod provides an easy setup. Top 10 Zone . Option: Add To Basket. The rod also has a nice classic look for western trout fishing, and it felt fairly light. The moderate action of the rod provides the delicacy needed for technical spring creeks, yet packs enough power for big river and boat fishing. Although not a specialist like some of the beefier choices out there, this medium-action rod is a practical workhorse. The Classic Trout is Redington’s mid-priced moderate action trout rod. You'll need a rod that's precise but reliable, something like the Redington Classic Trout 6-Piece Fly Rod. Fly anglers know and trust Redington as another maker of quality fly rods. A quality rod offers you a better chance of experiencing those days on the water that we’re all after. Redington Classic Trout, this rod features a traditional trout action and is available in all of the key sizes from 7' 6" 2wt through 9' six weight. Tweet on Twitter Share on Facebook Google+ Pinterest. Gary Knowels Active Member. Customer Review: Top 10 Must Have Fishing Gadgets. Customer reviews. Redington Classic Trout (0 reviews - write a review) Our Price: USD $ 207.50. They have very inexpensive fly fishing gear, but the quality is going to leave you impressed. In essence, it was the whole package at a good price. The Classic Trout Fly Fishing Rod by Redington features a moderate action blank with enough sensitivity for small stream fishing yet power for larger trout rivers. … 1; 2; First Prev 2 of 2 Go to page. Redington’s Classic Trout fly rod series is primarily a 4-piece lineup . Onsite Associates Program . Outfit Redington Vice 9’ 5wt Fly Rod The Redington Classic Trout is a perfect example of a mid-actioned, fast recovering river rod. Appropriately named, the Vice leads anglers away from casual engagement and toward fly fishing addiction. This Classic Trout 690-4 is a great choice as an all-purpose trout and smallmouth bass rod in medium to large rivers. REDINGTON CLASSIC TROUT 690-4 FLY ROD : 6WT, 9'0" Redington Classic Trout fly rods are classic styled medium-action rods built on modern technology. Redington didn’t do anything crazy with the TRACE, thankfully. 5 star (0%) The Classic Trout (CT) is a medium-action rod, so it has more flex for a gentler, slower rod loading and a smoother casting experience. Redington Classic Trout quantity. The CT is a great rod, 3wt was an ideal second rod, it makes small fish a blast and the CT has the backbone to handle a 3lb smallie, I've caught trout, carp, gills, gar, catfish and several other species on it. the only question I have is if you think the 6/7/8 Sage Trout can handle Great Lakes Steelhead . The Redington Crosswater Fly Rod typically comes bundled with a fly reel and fly line in the Redington Crosswater Combo, but you can buy the Crosswater Fly Rod separately. It’s a … Best fishing rods on amazon . This medium-action rod has a wealth of classic details such as a machined aluminum reel seat for easy attachment. The Redington Classic Trout (CT) fly rod is my second Redington prized possession. Because they're carefully crafted with top components (and such fun to fish), Redington's trout-centric Classic Trout rods are a favorite on all the best waters, from tiny backcountry streams to big coastal rivers. I bought the ZERO (New for 2015) because I bought a 2wt Redington Classic Trout and I didn't want to buy a spool for my Ross Evolution 0 that I use on my 3wt. Tim Sumer July 25, 2020 Leave a Comment. The Classic Trout rod is a perfect choice for the beginner both in price and it’s forgiving action. There’s a reason anglers love to catch trout. With hidden power for longer casts with remarkable accuracy. Shop All Redington. . Amazon Influencer . I just learned about the Sage Trout reel last night, I thought the classic look with the modern sealed drag is a great idea, and I am even more sold on it after reading your great article today . . The classic click and check drag is ideal for fishing trout in creek, lakes, and rivers. Thread starter LCnSac; Start date Jul 7, 2014; Prev. . All models are four pieces, come in … Messages 2,116 Reaction score 94 Location Brighton, UK. For one, we know Redington products for their quality and performance. Review Redington Classic Trout. Redington Classic Trout – Redington Classic Trout. Add to cart. Choosing a fly fishing setup for beginners is a challenging task, and this is a question we get quite a bit. Redington makes a range of rods, from their entry-level Crosswater to the top-of-the-line fast-action CPX. The refined Rose Dynawood insert looks classy enough to store the Classic above the fireplace mantel without much fuss from your spouse. My new CT rod looks and feels a bit like the classical glass rods of yesteryear, only lighter. As a student of fly fishing, I find it to be a great teacher for slowing down a cast without compromising distance; as a guide, I find it … Staff member. The Classic Trout is a moderate action fly rod, which can be helpful when fishing with tiny flies for skittish trout. Go. Part Code: CT5864 Brand: Redington. . share on: Product Description Additional information Reviews (0) Designed especially for the trout angler. Its drug is made of anodized aluminum with Delrin gear that is easy to operate and also durable. Check out the Updated 2019 reviews and product comparisons for Redington's Classic Trout fly fishing rod and it's perfect for slaying fish out of smaller streams with a … Thread starter Editor; Start date Jun 28, 2010; Editor Fish&Fly. Redington Crosswater Fly Rod Review. Fly Fishing Rods for Sale . It will be primarily used on smaller north east trout streams such as the East Koy Creek in New York, not tiny mountain streams but not what I would consider mid size either. The Redington Classic Trout rod is designed especially for the trout angler. Trout are your target, and the river you fish in is tight. Why make your Redington Purchase from the Caddis Fly Shop? It's been said that the measure of a craftsman is in their tools. . The ZERO in the 2/3 size is pretty light for a cast reel. You see, I find myself getting more "set in my ways" and "less willing to change" as I get older so I have been forcing myself to try new things. My only regret was I didn't buy 2 or 3 when they were cheap, glad to see Redington brought it back They’re a perfect catch in many water bodies – whether you’re fishing on the riverbank, relaxing on a boat on the ocean, or perched near a stream, you’ve got a good chance of catching yourself a trout. The Redington Zero fly reel has two different sizes- 2/3 and 4/5, which are great for adjusting the reel size. . The same might be said of an angler's fly rod. The Redington Crosswater Fly Rod is an easy-to-cast medium-fast action fly rod. Each is built on a beautiful 4-pc. The lightweight blank and forgiving action reduces fatigue for long days on the water. Redington combines a fast-action blank with classic componentry to present an affordable, do-it-all fly rod series. The packable Redington Classic Trout 9056 is a great fly rod for beginners.

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