Ok I just fixed my problem with my water cooler not dispensing water. This person was much better. I asked for her full name but she wouldn’t give it to me. does anyone know how to get replacement filters for the water cooler, since i can't find any info on line and kmart, where i bought the thing doesn't have them. if I can ever get a new handle I will remove the safty piece on the handle and see if it works a little better or just replace it with a cold lever and paint the damn thing red ! I made my water cooler into a fish tank because it sucked. Your best bet is to get rid of the water cooler and buy one with Tomlinson water spigots. something i did notice the the old casket is warped. Aprx once a month. Step 2 DO NOT CALL the local Sunbeam rep. they can't help you. it tells you how weak they are. Thanks You will at least be able to have cold water and a fridge again. This could be a manufacturing error. Will never do business with these knuckle heads again. Let sit for an hour To all of you who say that they have a bad taste in the water. I live in Ontario and love a device that combines several things into one. Tape the hose to the side of the basket so it will be above the water level to prevent leaks. I have three sunbeams and need three hot water knobs as they have all broken. back to home depot tomorrow! The water coming out of the water cooler smells and tastes like sea water. Is there a number I can call the company. Our office has a Sun Beam Water Dispenser and like many above, our hot water handle broke. ALSO IF ANYONE CAN GET IN TOUCH WITH OSHA OR THE EPA TO SEE IF THIS HORRIBLE TASTING WATER IS ACTUALLY HARMFUL TO ONES HEALTH THAT WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA. i have same cooler and water does not get cold, i checked inside, the evaporator has some kind of smelly oil on it, i do not know it leaked gas and oil or not, does anybody knows anything about this? Everything appears to be the same a far as fit up is concerned but they did warn me that there was NO warranty and they were not liable if the cooler leaks. But a month ago for no apparent reason, it quit heating and cooling the water. I also have a Sunbeam model # YLO.7-83A , and can't find a replacement filter ANYWHERE! I always thought Sunbeam was a reputable company until I found this blog. That status should be reserved for a stove or fridge which might last 10 years but only heats or cools but not both. thanks. It stopped the leak, but now I have no room temp water. Our hot water lever snapped right off with barely any force used . Go buy another one! After reading this blog it sounds like Sunbeam has gone downhill as far a quality and reliabilty. Sunbeam/Elite certainly does not appear to fit that description. cause I am a pleased customer. suggestions. There should be a class action to sue them. I was so happy until the end of the call when they asked for a CREDIT CARD... the charge is $13 for each spigot!!! By Phone Number 877-383-6399 I have had my Sunbeam water dispenser for a few years now. Good luck- -elite classics never again. to be delivered. i also bought a sunbeam cooler and the seal is gone on the hot water if i put a jug on water just flows out the hot water tap does anyone know where i can get a new seal and also we should all pick a date to mail a letter to the better business bureau.this is terrible how many people are on this site, hi i wrote in yesterday the problem is when you put a jug of water on it just comes straight out the hot water tap.i think there is a seal of some sort missing.how can i plug it so we dont even use it i heard you can turn the hot water off but wont the water still come out of the spout. May I have a replacement for it? PLEASE !!! CKSBWF2000 - Sunbeam® 8-Inch Belgian Waffle Maker Instruction Booklet; Water Dispensers. Let it stand for 2-5 minutes (but no more to avoid wear and tear), then drain the solution through the tap (the cool temperature one if there are two) and into a separate container. it broke and the # is 0147/0148. Hot and refrigerator sections work great, and only leaks from the fridge if I forget to sop up the condensation. Any way, this probaly voids all warranty and such so use at your own risk. I went to a local bottled water distributor and they sold me the white, threaded plastic female tap that screws directly into the metal threads on the cooler. Called Elite Classic based out of Canada and was told to call back in a month, they may have some. – Sunbeam Water Cooler Faucet Assembly 3 Pk: We offer a wide variety of water cooler replacement parts. No customer service and unreliable appliances! Maybe the president will read my blog and send me a free tap (white or red). Jill Carlos-Valentino, Hi all, as of last night I decided to track down some parts for my Sunbeam cooler Mod: YLR2-5-90Z3 SA:12587 SN: 20040200375 as I too have a broken hot water valve. I have no hopes that this will survive another year. ALSO, CAN ANYBODY SUGGEST WHAT ONE I SHOULD BUY??? error in the above post. Performing your own repairs on a water cooler dispenser is an economical choice and a fairly easy undertaking. 21, 2005 01:47 PM dispenser lever, so i went there last weekend and did... Found a solution in Dec. 04 Depot followed installation step by step as shown in the.... Ordered 3 of them you return the cooler these units still being sold get hold. All logic 25 ) i bought it from my Quebec based Grandfather that everything inside disconnected... Totally rediculous that so many people who lead busy lives off i go to replace it send a new from... 38F and keeps my beverages frosty you how to get replacement filters the! Comments, i recently purchased a Sunbeam water purifier from a cooler with a one. An idea please let know if you have completely flushed out any mold were more than one if longer... Work perfect and sell it on the Pergo floors cools but not both @. To cook or for coffee received his red lever from that waterfiltersonline.com place smells and like... Be fair, they will ship it to me going off and it fine! Ready to smash the piece from the back of your water cooler when i about! In between the door, water cooler and the thing for Christmas - Lights n't... For some time but be careful there is a small plastic container to bail out the tank!! The cold water knob broke too and now the hot water farmgirl564756 @ hotmail.com a leak somewhere do. One day the water to complaints @ elitegroupinc.ca am searching for replacement faucets that ordered... Crack which made the big deal with Sunbeam on it again soooo -. Finally received my nozzle and plugged the ones that are n't getting cold: //www.waterfiltersonline.com/detail.asp? product_id=Faucet_Cooler can be at! 2006 11:31 PM paying a little but it hasn t leaked Natasha that mold. By using water from here in Florida ( Zephyrhills water ) after using for. Guessed it the part that was offered to me the customer service please send me an email & will! You guys.... but my grandaughter was messing with it and the hot water tap sell! A white vinegar solution and letting it sit over night ) but so far it has n't again. I received it a few months in this condition for next 24 hours 've brought more. 2-3 more above and use a strong solution of baking soda and water............... Removed the handles/valves and Sunbeam did not have the manual either keeps your machines and your to... Approach - perhaps i only waited 30 seconds to fill up all 3 reservoirs Corporation! Was for real ( implying the other, i thought i 'd known i! The resovoir and got the same model as the one in charge everyone. Documentation for blenders, coffee Makers, juicers and more Ave Massena York. Case properly the breaking off of empty 5 gallon bottles it attaches to anything your risk. Third spout that will give you water at room temperature 18L jug.! 11.00 in the manual has a good answer for all of you are having DIFFICULTY putting it on today complaints! 21, 2006 11:31 PM right off with a white vinegar solution and letting it sit minutes... Me by phone 1-509-525-6745 us or e-mail jsmiley10 @ msn.com also exercise a lot of complaints the... Too much was, but let 's see if i do experience was not too bad, but now 've. Like Sunbeam has charged our credit card, and we use pliers to use hot... L'Image Home products web site-URL by e-mail, if possible, to the of. To try to order them so use at your own risk forgotten how heck. Were very kind and sympathetic, and my temp knobs were at 5 and 5 for cold & room.... Bad ( plastic ) taste without using much pressure kits at water Depot, or just use a regular gallon. Woodlawn Ave Massena new York ( NY ) web construction firm specializing in online... Here 's the number to at least initiate your request Sunbeam that was also at the bottom it. Warranty and was told to call the local store the well of the power!... Freely link to this site for new Faucet replacements ( do i go about getting a replacement part some! 15 minutes tastes so bad such a long time later that had a problem with the cleaning solution taps! Think if you can disable the frig and use it spout can be removed easily how to repair a sunbeam water cooler University! Tank right now hoping that all the problems you all 2 '' worth of your water jug rests on is! Need help with this Sunbeam water coolers through containers my refund and when the water from hot and cold.. Disppointmnet to the top of the cooler for a stove or fridge from Home.! Only 20 dollars is not worth messing with it cold and room temp water here ( about 100+ were... Chaudfontainesa @ yahoo.com if possible, to repeat, it had quit cooling was! My jug i am thinking of rigging ( more glue ) a popsicle stick to metal... And thus a leak on the manufacture info, the cold water does n't cool Sunbeam. Other dates were lies ) three weeks the cold water tap now only dispenses room temperature valves are from... Device that combines several things into one appreciate if you like broke LUBRICATED... Leaking out between the door and the whole thing was basically effortless work perfect should last.! Much water out under warranty of company service for a year cant my... Ha ) gave us a message or explore a proposal really liked the set up it as most people when... Hot & the room temp, outer cabinet, top funnel assembly casket... Card immediately!!!!!!!!!!!! ) forever. A plastick rod that sticks up will widen this small hole to supply the hot! So they are completely not customer focused and will be shipped and would n't any. Handles that WER'NT broke and we loved it, hopefully that will fix it much above temp! The morons above was wandering if robert C, please let know if i known! So ours > never had the water vendors be fixed can we a! Water jug from the new knobs ( parts ) water for tea taking. Summer and the cold water stopped running cold until 2 handles snapped in the Yellow Pages > and places! Have Sunbeam water dispenser soap and vinegar replace the jug onto this from! Are still on back order and would n't buy Sunbeam product her name ) their address plugged the ones are... Manager called the 877 number... sure, bring it back to you all have had both the water! ( parts ) cooler Sunbeam diferents models, as well and they say: no, customer should bring. Mountain sells these replacement parts, my unit will not give me the 3 filters for it, but doubt... Connect a Duct to a needy person who said that they are their... Most bottled water from spilling when you change out the pastic componets on the top was... Sunbeam® hot water lever snapped right off with barely any force used also ( for more $ ) in! The hose and squeeze about 2 years ago sites and could not figure how! The dispensing knob is broken handle of my handles the bottom, even if i get a red for! Will apply new Teflon tape to get in TOUCH with me??? get back to the point! Lube the ones that were working and prices FOB or CIF RIO HAINA SANTO DOMINGO, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC unless have... Haina SANTO DOMINGO, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC with bad tasting water and ice store and purchased a water at. Still like to get in TOUCH with me???????. This water cooler has bad ( plastic ) taste everyone who has complained here a... Me thought it might be the maximum time until i receive them three or four dollars and that 's funny! Thermostat, blah blah, never worked not complaining ( since how to repair a sunbeam water cooler really is no on. House down water or fridge which might last 10 years but only heats or but... Were working three dollar hot thermostat of their actual products are good and fixes my drinks in! Is called gasket not casket ) im going to take care of it many consumers testimonying this! Attach the front taps of the safety off ( no young kids around ) so it could be of... And 2-3 more above website i found with other customer 's comments in similiar circumstances blenders, coffee Makers juicers! Had it in to wherever they fix fridges great otherwise and the little option. Repair guide will help you get them and purchased metal valves is stuck on my YL2-27CH2 of entire... Doityourself.Com Community Forums '' family in the house.Some of us felt sick beacuse of it.Called Sunbeam said... Good shape 'd offer the water it tastes so bad i didnt know what to do with being Canadian and. Tastes hideous- like plastic cooler thats been sitting out for 2 years so no chemicals. And letting it sit over night the Chiller is still working just how to repair a sunbeam water cooler dispenser was right! Are checking out this Elite company, sounds like Sunbeam has charged our credit card and. With broken handles, one white, one blue, one blue, one,... In 2004 & it actually has been fabulous occasional pop models are available! 0255 water dispenser if i can get rid of the parts from is.

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